Why Choose Us?

AMANKO is placing a strong emphasis on both rigorous training requirements and exceptional customer service within the security industry. we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and innovative approach to security solutions.

  1. Training Excellence: our commitment to stringent training requirements for security officers, including on-site training, suggests a focus on ensuring that our team are well-prepared and equipped to handle various security challenges.
  2. Customer Service Priority: The emphasis on excellent and fast customer service sets our company apart. The provision of contact numbers at all times and training on how and when to use them demonstrates a proactive approach to client support.
  3. Tailored Security Programs: By taking the time to understand the unique security challenges our clients face, and then assisting them in developing customized security programs within their budget, AMANKO Security Group shows a commitment to personalized and effective security solutions.
  4. Innovation: The company's openness to fresh ideas and constant evaluation of new ways to improve operations reflects an innovative mindset. This can contribute to staying ahead in the ever-evolving security landscape.
  5. Depth of Knowledge: The depth of knowledge within the company is highlighted as a differentiating factor, suggesting that our team is well-informed and equipped to address complex security issues.
  6. Personnel Investment: our commitment to a strict personnel selection process and ongoing investment in staff training, support, supervision, and personal development underscores a dedication to maintaining a high-quality workforce.
  7. Positive Attitude and Transparency: The company's attitude, described as one of full understanding, support, and permanent transparency, indicates a commitment to positive interactions with clients.

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